Measuring Your Window

Before you order your Sash Window Restoration Kit you’ll need to take some simple measurements:

Staff Beads

Draught Proofing Beads Draught Proofing Beads

When correctly fitted, the rounded section at the front of the Staff Bead should be flush with or slightly proud of the inner lining. Therefore, it is important to order the correct size of Staff Bead.

Measure the inside face nearest the sash to the rounded section at the front.

Our Draught Sealing Kits are available in small (25mm wide) and large (28mm wide) size Staff Beads.

Sash Windows Height and Width

Sash Window Measurements Sash Window Measurements

Height – measure from the underside of the Head Pulley Stile of the box frame to the top of the sill.

Width – measure from the Pulley Stile to Pulley Stile, not between the existing staff beads.